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I am obsessed. Obsessed! If anyone watches and reads Sherlock fic, I've love to have some excellent recs.

I'm all for Johnlock but I am kind of more interested in just standard bromance as presented in the show.

Hope everyone is well.

Oh yeah... currently writing up plans to find Benedict Cumberbatch and make him mine!
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I logged in on livejournal for the first time this year for you!

I'm not into Johnlock, or Sherlock fic at all, tyvm BUT I'm excited to know that you're into the show :D

so if you're into Cumberbatch too, HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW STAR TREK?!
I've read one fic and it was Johnlock and then I decided I like the slashy aspect of the show but i'm good with leaving it as just that on the show.

Anyway YES I'VE SEEN STAR TREK!!! Funnily enough just before it came out i watched the first season of Sherlock. I was going to watch the movie regardless because i was a fan but once i saw Sherlock, I was hooked on him. lol </p>

HE LOOKS AMAZING!!! His voice is just amazing and I enjoyed a more bulky build from him, loved it. I liked the first movie more but the second was good as well. I thought he was the best part of the movie, and Chris Pine is gradually become less fit for the role of Kirk, there was just something about this movie I felt he lacked.

Anyway I'm going to buy it today and watch it again, so excited!! And your thoughts?

you've been a fan of Star Trek HOW DID THIS NOT COME UP AT SOME POINT?!111 I liked the first movie more too. but how can you say that Chris Pine's becoming less fit? O-O with that fucking spandex. i s2g. I, on the other hand, wasn't a big fan of Cumberbatch's role as Khan. actually, the movie as a whole was quite enjoyable but when you start picking it apart you can find a lot of things that were not quite right with it.... I guess? (also, I was too busy drooling over Spock to pay much attention to Khan 8'D)

but speaking of Star Trek, you're only in it for the new series or you've been a fan of the old movies/show too? :D

wait, buy what? and my thoughts on what? T-T I got sidetracked with ST and now I don't remember what was the point of this. Sherlock? I liked Sherlock too. I bought both seasons not too long ago :D but now my love for this show is being seriously overshadowed by my love for Elementary. you should totally watch it if you haven't already.

and I can't ship Sherlock with Watson because Martin Freeman is just...I mean, he's a delightful person and I love him but he's so sexually repelling imo X-X

I'm sorry it took me so long to answer, I keep forgetting that this page exists :P
haha omg welcome i guess? unfortunately i haven't been keeping up with the fics but the show is brilliant except for the long wait orz